Meet Our Members

Who We Are

Bull City Commons Cohousing members are fun-loving, compassionate and kind people who are actively creating

our cohousing community in Durham, North Carolina. Read our bios below and get to know us!


The idea of living in a setting where there is ample opportunity for growth, for expanding my ways of thinking, and for new friendships is what attracted me to cohousing.


I enjoy hiking, swimming, yoga, biking, engaging in craft projects, sharing a cup of tea, and enjoying and admiring the creativity of others.


Now fully retired, I'm ready to find the next big adventure and looking forward to life in my condo @ BCC.


I am very excited about joining Bull City Commons and can’t wait to see what this adventure will bring.


I love all the people in this community and so look forward to creating a 21st century intentional and caring village.

Kate N.

I’m a New Englander by birth and at heart. I’ve lived and worked in Boston, San Francisco, Portland, ME and Raleigh. Upon retirement from the NC Department of Public Instruction, I moved to Durham.


I believe the caring and cooperative nature of cohousing is what the world needs now more than ever. I'm excited to learn, grow, discover the area, and help to build this into an amazing community.


For fun I enjoy singing, camping, reading, road trips and going to movies. I love Durham, coffee, going to the pool, and my cohousing buddies, not necessarily in that order.


I love book arts & the craft of typography, art museums, birding & walking in the woods, and blues music.


I am a native North Carolinian who has lived in Chapel Hill for the past 30 years and I'm looking forward to being a part of the Bull City Commons community.


I enjoy traveling, cycling, swimming and good food!


One of the things I love about BCC is that so many other community members share my interests.


I've been interested in cohousing for many years, and have finally taken the leap!


I am so grateful that I found BCC and I cannot wait until we are moved into our building and living together.


I’ve been interested in cohousing for many years and this has come at an opportune time in my life.


I love spending time with friends and planning activities to share - cannot wait until we are in our building together!

Kate Y.

Bull City Commons is just what I was looking for – a community committed to sharing resources, mutual responsibility/care for each other and living green - at a price I can afford.


I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, biking, cooking, re-learning how to edit video on computers, and spending as much time as possible with friends and my extended family and am thrilled to join the Bull City Commons!


Personally, I love modern design and cozy spaces, and strive toward living a minimalist lifestyle which makes Bull City Commons so appealing.


After seeing much of the world, I am ready to find my own tribe at Bull City Commons, where members value cooperation & social connections.


I am most interested in communities with purpose and I look forward to meeting you.


I’m so excited to be joining the BCC community. I’ve been interested in cohousing for years, and now the stars have aligned to allow me to follow my dream of living with others who are also seeking to be part of an intentional community.


I am very happy to embark on this new chapter in my life – the creation of our BCC community!


I enjoy the outdoors and being outside walking with friends while having a good conversation.


It is fun to create something both tangible (building) and intangible (community) that will hopefully outlast us!


I enjoy listening to live music, small social gatherings, trying to pick out a tune on my ukulele, reading, binge-watching Netflix, hiking, relaxing with my miniature dachshunds, Daisy and Lily, and spending time with the children in my life.


I've managed to garden in about 18 of the places I had lived --- and now look forward to exploring what fruits and vegetables we will nurture and be nurtured by in our shared, still-being-created new home.


I'm passionate about music, especially group singing, and traveling to places unseen. It has been invigorating to spend time and purpose with this smart group of people dedicated to intentional community.


What has energized us about BCC is the opportunity to create something solid and lasting with people engaged in a big endeavor that stretches everyone's capabilities.


I had been looking for a cohousing situation for several years but finding one in a lively urban location hadn’t been easy ... until I came upon BCC!


I feel very deeply connected to Bull City Commons and especially love all the wonderful people who have been involved!