Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Buy a Laid Back Llama?

After sales start, you can buy on mint page.

What Is the difference between Laid Back Llama and Boss Llama NFTs?

Laid Back Llamas are a collection of 7,000 A.I generated NFT llamas, while the Boss Llamas are 100 unique manually created NFT llamas, all living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How about the rarities?

Laid Back Llamas rarity list will be revealed after OpenSea listing. Boss Llamas are each 1 of 1. Handmade. Each extremely rare.

What is the mint price?

0.07 ETH for presale
0.1 ETH for public sale

How many can I mint?

Max 3 per person.

When Is the reveal?

After 24 hours.

What are the royalties?

We charge 3.5% royalties, and OpenSea charges another 2.5% commission on all sales, tallying 6% commission in total.

How many Laid Back Llamas are reserved?

We reserved 200 Laid Back Llamas marketing events, giveaways and Boss Llama holders.

What are the benefits of owning a Llama?

Both Boss Llama and LaidBack Llamas NFTs are a membership token to our club, granting access to members-only benefits including future drops, giveaways, raffles, merchandise, and more! Boss Llamas are the most rare and holders of these 100 will be air-dropped one Laid Back Llama along with other rewards/advantages for Boss Llama holders in the Laid Back Llama ecosystem