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Our Values


We appreciate, welcome, and genuinely desire a wide range of thought, approach, belief, and experience. Our community is accepting of individuals of every race, ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual orientation.

Respect and

We are responsive to each other's needs, including the need for privacy and personal space. We acknowledge the validity of different perspectives and assume the best intentions. We appreciate that we have different backgrounds, religious traditions, and political perspectives, and do not legislate how people express their ideologies. We are considerate of each other's time, appreciate each other's efforts, and give feedback in a constructive manner. We intentionally avoid gossip and drama.


We value emotional and physical security for our members. We address and resolve conflict by using the agreed-upon process of Sociocracy. We value acceptance and forgiveness.


We value fluid, unstructured social interactions as well as scheduled get-togethers. We acknowledge our cohousing community's role as a neighbor in the wider community.


We are open to sharing resources for the benefit of the community. Responsibility and participation: Each of us actively contributes to our thriving community.


It is a priority that the community be developed in as an affordable way as possible, while maintaining high quality, durable design and finishes.

Environmental Responsibility

We consider the impact of our community decisions on the Earth's natural resources.

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