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I'm a native North Carolinian from the Raleigh/Durham area with degrees from NC State (English) and UNC-Chapel Hill (Information Science). I am a longtime student of much and master of none, with dabblements in drawing, comics, zines, creative writing, yoga, kettlebells, community theatre, digital video editing, coaching, the Three Principles, journaling, banjo, improv, and other forms of self-learning and discovery.

If I have any bigger passion, it's learning new things—and with Bull City Commons Cohousing developing, there’s always something new to learn. My day job is as a software technical writer, currently contracting at the EPA’s Environmental Modeling and Visualization Lab.

I was active for several years with the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association and received the Pauli Murray Proud Shoes award from the Southwest Central Durham Quality of Life Project for my neighborhood service. That neighborhood work, while good and necessary, didn’t seem to build toward something lasting; after the picnics and events, everyone retreated back to their homes. What has energized us about BCC is the opportunity to create something solid and lasting with people engaged in a big endeavor that stretches everyone's capabilities. The communication among residents that seemed elusive in a sprawling neighborhood is key to the success of our new community.

"Mike is a treasure...his sense of humor always amuses me. In a meeting, if I follow him in a discussion, I often find myself saying "what Mike said' as he already captured the essence of that issue so eloquently."

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