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My country of origin is Germany. I met my American husband in Germany and followed him to the US in 1980. Between then and now, I raised three children, switched careers, got a BS in biology, and had the fortune of spending part of my work life in the outdoors, working with plants and water quality.

Raising my three children I consider my most important and challenging task. Now they all have their private lives and it is time for me to downsize. I learned about cohousing by chance about 2 years ago and was hooked on the idea immediately. I made it my mission to find a forming cohousing group that I could join, and so found Bull City Commons.

I am not good at sitting still. Friends visiting me from out of town know that they will be going for walks with me. It facilitates talking. Things that I enjoy doing are hiking, swimming, yoga, biking, engaging in craft projects, sharing a cup of tea, and enjoying and admiring the creativity of others.

"Cornelia is kind and thoughtful, hugely knowledgeable and a wonderful leader. She understands that it is not about her or her opinion and puts community first. She is also a great person to go walking with, if you actually want to get some exercise!"

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