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Architect, Mom and lover of water.
My Mother now refers to me as a nomad, I have been on the move looking for that “right” spot for me. I believe I have found it at BCC.

I was born in Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time on Long Beach Island, NJ. I enjoyed the attention of my parents and grandparents and proclaimed one day that “I want to build houses!” My Barbie Doll’s life was never the same.

We moved to Wisconsin when I was 9. My school days were full of friends, bike rides, ice skating and swimming. I enjoyed drafting classes and was the shop steward for the drafting class my senior year, the first girl in the role.

Architects need a degree or two. I did undergrad work at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and grad school at SUNY – Buffalo.

I married Jim Ihde between undergrad and grad school. We were happily married for 12 years. Jim passed away when our son was 2 years old. I miss him every day.

Benjamin Quince Ihde is my son and partner in crime. Ben is my very best project. He is 28 and lives in Minneapolis. We get together as often as we are able.

I lived in Ship Bottom, NJ for 7 years and loved my time there. I have been living in Biloxi, MS since May...I wanted to see a different coast!

I am ready for my new home and new friends with whom to learn and grow. Water sports, kayaking, hiking, cooking and travel are always on my list. I look forward to meeting all of you!

"Jeri's spirit and energy are just magnetic ... we are thrilled she has chosen our cohousing community to call home"

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