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Kate Y.

Being a baby boomer and growing up in the South during the 60’s and 70’s was the perfect alchemy for the making of a cultural anthropologist and social justice advocate. I moved to North Carolina in the 80’s from New Jersey where I attended grad school and, like a lot of people, stayed. In 2010 at age 64, I joined the Peace Corps and worked in the Highlands of Guatemala.

Since returning to Durham in 2015, I’ve found even more to be excited about, like initiatives in urban sustainable agriculture and local food security systems and cohousing alternatives. Bull City Commons was just what I was looking for – a community committed to sharing resources, mutual responsibility/care for each other and living green - at a price I could afford.

I look forward to living with less, building a community together and having more resources and time to devote to the things I love: traveling, creative writing, walking, biking, exploring Durham’s many natural spaces, hearing great music, meditation practice and being part of a vibrant, diverse urban community.

"Kate is a doer. When she feels passionate, she keeps on going. I greatly admire the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the table."

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