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Kate N.

I’m a New Englander by birth and at heart. I’ve lived and worked in Boston, San Francisco, Portland, ME and Raleigh. Upon retirement from the NC Department of Public Instruction, I moved to Durham. I’ve had a great career in special education compliance where I’ve served as a due process hearing officer, state complaint investigator and mediator.

I enjoy playing golf (despite butchering the course), participating in my wonderful book club and maintaining (now via zoom) my dear friendships in SF and ME.

I’ve had a couple adventures. To celebrate my 60th (nine years ago), I biked from Saigon to Hanoi, and included a side trip biking around the temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A couple years after that I biked around Provence, France.

My Cairn Terrier (mix), Oliver and I are out 3-4 times a day, walking the hood.

"Kate is a cheerful person, and likes to laugh. She is also a lover of plants. I like the way she enjoys and observes the personality of each flower, large or small. That is also how she approaches life and enjoys people that come into her life. Ask her about places and people in the Old West Durham neighborhood. She has lots of fun little historic or not quite (yet?) historic stories to tell."

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