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Our Decision Making

We use a form of dynamic governance called Sociocracy to manage our meetings and make decisions

Because our building and intentional community are "self-developed," all members participate in shared decision making about the development of the building and how we want to live together. Sociocracy provides an effective framework for business meetings and decision making. Meetings and committees (called circles) are run efficiently with a facilitator, all voices are heard, and decisions are made by consent of members. Sociocracy enables us to decentralize leadership, work, and decisions. It also helps us build relationships.

Here is a 4-minute summary of the basic concepts of Sociocracy. 


Here is an article about how Sociocracy helps group decision making.

Most of our circles meet monthly, some more frequently as needed. We expect our collection of circles to evolve over time. Our current circles are below.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8.52.49 AM.png

Our Circles

Each member is part of the Plenary Circle and is expected to participate in at least one other circle.

Most work gets done in the smaller circles and is brought to the Plenary to either update members or get their consent to move forward.

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