Our method of governance is based on a system called Sociocracy, which provides a structure to how we organize and make decisions. Rather than committees, we use Circles, which interact in prescribed ways. Circles guarantee that each member has equal opportunity to voice opinions and concerns. Decisions are based on consent, rather than consensus. There are some links to references about sociocracy on our Resources page.

Each member is automatically a member of the Plenary Circle, and is expected to participate in at least one other circle, which is where most of the work gets done. Currently we have these circles:

  • Plenary - everyone, for major decisions, discussion, picture forming, social interaction.

  • Steering - decision making, Plenary agenda formation; mostly composed of leaders and delegates from other circles.

  • Design - concerned with condominium building design and layout.

    • Finishes Fixtures & Equipment - concerned with selection of interior details.

    • Landscaping - concerned with our exterior common spaces (part of Design).

  • Development Oversight - works closely with project manager, architects, and builders.

  • Finance & Legal - concerned with financial and legal issues.

  • Governance & Policy - develops our policies and governance mechanisms.

  • Marketing & Membership - concerned with marketing to bring in members, and managing membership issues.

    • Social - concerned with community-building activities.


Most of these circles meet monthly, some more frequently. We expect this collection of circles to evolve over time.

We have sold 21 of 23 units!

We encourage interested candidates to attend an information session to learn more about us and how to join.  You can also sign up on our Mailing List or join our Wait List.

For questions/info, email:

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