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I’m so excited to be joining the BCC community. I’ve been interested in cohousing for years, and now the stars have aligned to allow me to follow my dream of living with others who are also seeking to be part of an intentional community.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and have lived in various parts of the country over the years: upstate NY, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee and North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut and of late New Hampshire. My careers have been almost as varied as the places I have lived: I have worked as an oncologist and hospice medical director, then got a degree in theology and worked in ministry for a time, but felt the pull to return to medicine and in 2009 began a second residency in psychiatry at Yale, and have worked in mental health since then.

All the moving has allowed me to regularly indulge in my favorite hobby - interior decorating! I also enjoy cooking, love to read, and have traveled quite a bit. I’m not very crafty, so during the pandemic I enrolled in an online Spanish intensive, and I am looking forward to being able to travel again soon and see if I can communicate any better now.

I am eager to escape the NH winters and return to a warmer climate, get to know my new neighbors, and take advantage of all the hard work that the founding members of BCC have done to create our new homes.

"Claire has been very enthusiastic in her desire to join our community and we are so glad to be a part of the next chapter of her life"

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