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Celebrating Christine

Christine Westfall was one of the six original purchasers of the BCC property on Trent Drive. And she has served a critical role as our project manager over the many years it's taken to bring this project to fruition.

The BCC community greatly benefited from Christine's timely and clear communications to explain whatever was happening with construction and inspections. No matter how dire or wacky the circumstances became over the last few years, her attention to detail, flexibility, and trademark calm, detached manner calmed us down, soothed our anxieties, and made us very grateful that we had a guardian angel with a clipboard looking over the contractors' shoulders.

To mark our move into the building, a coterie of Christine groupies planned and pulled off a Celebrate Christine party in early April. (All done via email and WITHOUT Christine even hearing a whisper of it -- remarkable!) Since we did not at that time have a certificate of occupancy for our indoor common spaces, we beat the heat in our covered garage area with chairs, fancy hats, and bubbly.

Many toasts and tributes were paid to Christine, along with a performance by our talented musical residents, who sang custom lyrics to the song "Iko Iko".

Following are a few verses from the song and a few pictures from an emotional and happy outpouring of love and appreciation for Christine. Lift a glass!

Who is working night and day

To build our house of dreams

Who's working full time on half time pay

It's gotta be Christine


Talkin' 'bout

Co-ho (Co-ho)

Co-ho (Co-ho)

Coho, coho all day (oh)

Coho livin it wins the day

Coho’s here to stay


She kept us on budget and got our CO

We got our parakeet green

Building trust and community too

That's why she is the Queen!


Soil’s so bad gotta haul it away

Coho, coho all day

No idea what we gotta pay.

Coho, coho all day

City says water needs a backflow thing

Coho, coho all day

Put it in the lobby next to where we’ll sing.

Coho, coho all day

Split face mortar didn’t come out right

Coho, coho all day

Christine told the sub we’re gonna put up a fight.

Coho, coho all day


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