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New Traditions 2022: Wreath-making

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Can traditions be new?

Sure. BCC just held its fourth post-Thanksgiving Day Hike, this year at Eno River State Park.

And another new tradition is emerging from the community: a group of our craftiest members (that's a compliment) recently gathered for their second year of holiday wreath-making.

Led by Jackie and Maria, several folks spent a lovely Sunday afternoon making wreaths for their doors, table decorations for the dining room, and garlands for the BCC mailboxes. Apart from the metal wreath hangers that were purchased for the occasion, all other decorative items were either foraged locally or collected/made by participants over the years.

Needles in all colors and textures--pine, cedar, spruce--red berries, nandina, small pine cones, feathery grasses, red ribbon, magnolia leaves, corkscrew twigs, even dried orange slices found their way into wreaths large and small.

Notice the different piles of colorful branches, leaves, and grasses

Vivian starts wiring branches to the metal frame

Teri's wreath

Wreaths for our front door(s)!

Tabletop wreaths on the cart and ready for placement

Tabletop wreaths for the common dining area

Garlands adorning our mailboxes!



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