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Old West Durham Pocket Park

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

When we move into our building this fall, the BCC community will be part of the Old West Durham neighborhood.

The OWD website contains a fantastic History page on the neighborhood, with separate articles on Ninth Street, Pin Hook, Erwin Mills, and other topics. The Open Durham site also has details on OWD's history.

One of our members attends the OWD Neighborhood Association meetings and alerted us to OWD's latest project: "creating a new garden space in the vacant lot next to Locopops and across from Cocoa Cinnamon." Cocoa Cinnamon and Locopops will only be a short walk from our front door so this beautification project really appealed to us.

OWD's project page for the Old West Durham Pocket Park includes details on who will be involved, a landscape architect's drawing, and a good ol' fashioned donation thermometer to track progress. The project inspired many of us to donate to the effort and we can't wait to see the pocket park in full bloom.

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