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  • Mike Brown

Fire Pit!

Updated: Jan 3

One of the garden amenities we’ve daydreamed about is a seating area where we could gather around a fire pit or simply sit around to chat.

Work on laying the gravel path and building up the seating area proceeded through the fall. The seating area features a 12-inch drop on the downhill side for water runoff, with a professionally done retaining wall to keep the surface gravel inside.

Even before the retaining wall was in place, the sky got dark enough and the weather chilly enough for us to have the occasional Friday Social Hour around a fire pit. S’mores and hot chocolate were a feature of that first gathering though stronger, um, libations may have been consumed to protect against the winter cold.

Ensuring the seating area and retaining wall looked good and was securely constructed required professional help.

The final seating area arrangement, as seen from BCCBalconyCam®

Our first fire pit get-together

Samuel and Maria in the warm glow

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