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Something New Under the Sun: BCC's Solar Panels

It's always exciting when big trucks and big cranes show up at BCC. Folks emptied into the street or stood on their balconies to take pictures of our much-anticipated solar panels being unloaded, winched up, and lifted to their final resting place on BCC's flat and sunny roof.

When they're finally installed and hooked up by YES Solar, we anticipate the panels will provide over half of the energy needed to power our common areas.

Going solar is a significant expression of our value to reduce our ecological footprint. We're proud of this milestone in the life of our building and really excited about generating our own electricity!

The truck backs with brackets and solar panels.

Up, up, and away....

Action video!

Brackets lined up, tilted just so, and waiting for the panels to be installed

Panels installed and waiting for the electricians!

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