Our Development Process

We are "self-developing" our project, which means we directly hired the architect, general contractor, and other experts to construct the building, rather than working with an independent developer. This benefits us by reducing our costs, provides us with more input on design and marketing decisions, and gave us a head start on developing the human aspects of our community.

How do we make decisions?

Self-development requires a multitude of group decisions. We use Sociocracy for our self-governance structure and business meeting process, and we use consent in our decision making. Sociocracy creates harmonious social environments and effective organizations. Sociocracy enables us to decentralize leadership, work and decisions. It empowers everyone to participate and helps us honor everyone's voice. It works surprisingly well! Come see for yourself. Check out an interview with our Plenary facilitator, Amy Vincus, as she talks about Sociocracy and how it's used in BCC.

Plenary business meeting of members

How do we oversee development?

We created a Development Oversight team to oversee the design and construction of the building. These select members work directly with our architect, general contractor, and other building experts and keep all community members fully informed during the development process. One of our members, Christine Westfall, serves as our project manager and owner's representative, and liaisons with all of our contractors. The other team members support Christine and all oversee construction and project budget. Scroll down to meet the team.

Members meeting with our Architects and general contractor

Our Development Oversight Team

Christine in hardhat

(Project Manager)

Christine is one of our founding members, serves as our project manager and owner’s representative, and liaisons with all of our contractors.

Jen in hardhat


Jen joined the community in 2018 and serves as the lead of our Development Oversight Circle and Finance Circle.

Jim in hardhat


Jim is one of our founding members and also serves as the lead of our Design Circle.