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Bringing his extensive design, development, and project leadership experience to Bull City Commons as the Design Circle Lead and a Steering Circle member and by providing oversight and support to our project manager.



Designing and developing a condominium building has a lot of similarities to designing and developing computer systems and software. Both require:

• Pulling together a team of experts to design the architecture and select the products to be

  used to fulfill the vision

• Creating project plans and budgets, and obtaining financing

• Managing the process and people on the development team

• Understanding the needs of the end users

• Communicating regular progress updates to stakeholders

• Identifying and solving problems


Jim’s decades of experience both leading teams through this process as well as his

hands-on work through all parts of the development cycle enable him to bring a

wealth of expertise and skills to this project. Jim has had roles ranging from Chief Architect, Senior Software Developer, Team Lead, and Vice President of Software Development for companies in Northern California and North Carolina.

Jim earned his master’s degree in computer science from University of Tennessee,

and his undergraduate degree in liberal arts and sciences from University of Illinois.

Jim and his wife Maria have called North Carolina home since 2003. They

have two grown daughters and recently adopted a rescue puppy named Ruby.

They started on this cohousing journey over 6 years ago and are happy to see their

dream finally becoming a reality.

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