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Truck Rally

A photo of our fast-moving recent life...

Due to what can only be called "Circumstances," some of our members had to move into the building early before the city had completely signed off on a Certificate of Occupancy for the entire building. As a result, the inspectors are granting conditional Certificates of Occupancy for individual units. This lets some of our members who have an urgent need for housing move into the building. (We're trying to hold off on everyone moving in too soon, though, as the building's interiors are still being finished, workers are still polishing final details, and there's still a ways to go.)

Jen shared these photos on the day she moved in. Sunbelt picked up one of their lifts while two moving trucks for two different residences were parked on the street, and giving our new elevator quite the workout.

Driving a crane off the property
Easy does it...

Two moviing trucks for two families! Busy!


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