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The Hero Shot

In our newsletter for the past two years, we usually included a picture at the end of the newsletter as a final send-off.

In the early stages of our community, it was a group shot or the architect's rendering of the finished building.

As the BCC project moved from planning to physical reality, we began using shots of the building under construction. In all those shots, we tried as best we could to mirror the perspective of the architect's rendering.

In web-design parlance, an especially impressive or expressive image is called "the hero shot." The hero shot is typically the first image people see when they visit a web site, an image that sums up emotions and desires for the product on display.

For us, the hero image was the building, the physical expression of what we are trying to build.

So, herewith, a little slideshow showing the building's progression from empty lot to hero home.


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