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Scrapbook: 1-Year Move-In Celebration

There's no single day we can point to as the definite, for-sure date when everyone was moved in. We started moving into the building in February 2022, at the rate of one or two households a day. And while most folks were moved in by March, one or two households were still to come.

But it's spring, it's been about a year, and who says you need the real true date to celebrate a birthday? Wanting to celebrate is reason enough!

Plastic sheeting taped to the floor, empty cardboard boxes

These "decorations" leading into the common area -- with "Flashback 2022" written on the plastic sheeting -- kicked off an avalanche of memories of our day-to-day norm at that time. The swimming pool noodles protecting the corners, the blue tape that our Moving-In Circle discovered did not pull up the paint when removed (they learned that the hard way), the sheeting to protect the carpet, and the piles and piles of cardboard moving boxes, crumpled brown packing paper, and those foam sleeves you need to protect the dishes.

Did I say piles and piles of cardboard? There were so many moving boxes--including boxes arriving via mail-order--that they overflowed our four recycle bins. Cornelia took on the job of stuffing them into her car for extracurricular recycling trips. Deborah paid tribute to that ubiquitous and essential paper product with her corrugated garden of floral silhouettes decorating the room and tables.

The main event of the evening (apart from the food!) was sitting in a conversation circle to trade stories and memories. Who remembers when we posted flyers in local coffee shops and stores to advertise information sessions? Who came to those early info sessions at Motorco? The Happy Hours at Wine Feed and FullSteam?

Courtesy of Mad Hatter's Cafe. Save all the corner pieces for me.

We haven't taken a new group shot since April 2022. Time for another!

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