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Read: IndyWeek Feature on sundries, a Specialty Grocery Store Supporting Local Food Providers

Down the block from the BCC site and across Hillsborough Road, right next to the Old West Durham Pocket Park is LocoPops, a staple of frozen treats here in Durham.

But now there's more than popsicles and ice cream at LocoPops: IndyWeek has a great story on a gourmet grocery food store -- called "sundries" -- that opened in January inside the LocoPops.

One of the key features of sundries -- and what makes it such an expression of Durham and why we love it here -- is founder Kristin Bedinger's focus on supporting local and independent food providers.

Bedinger says in The IndyWeek article: “I’m excited about working closely with producers and chefs to expand their reach in Durham, and to help connect people who might like to work together ... Durham’s cooperative business community inspires me, and it’s so rewarding to order from other local businesses.”

Go. Read. Eat.


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