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"Oh my god, this was worth it!!"

Back in mid-January, when the city seemed to be doing everything in its power to keep us from moving, one of our founding members -- Teri Beckman -- sent the following email to everyone. This is reprinted with her permission.

3 prople opening kitchen cabinets
Conducting a unit walkthrough

I know many of you just read Christine's latest update on our certificate of occupancy. Because we [needed to close soon], we had our walk through yesterday.

I have to share with you what a deeply emotional experience it was for Jo and I. The building and our unit are just beautiful. It was quite something to see it, after not being in the building for so many months....Yes, contrary to external appearances of the building, [the builders have] been WORKING.

As Dina said at the closing round in Plenary, [BCC's Architect] Ellen Weinstein and her team did a tremendous design job for us working with many constraints. And with our design circle, many many good choices were made on hardware, paint colors, cabinets, counter tops, windows, flooring, fixtures, tile. These are really, really nice homes we will get to share with each other. You guys, this is just amazing, I feel like a dream coming true.

My overall sense was and is, Oh my god, this was worth it!! All of our many, many hours of blood sweat and tears, laughter and joy. I might have to take back my repeated statement that if I knew what was involved I probably would not have done it again. Yes, I do take it back. Things that are worthwhile take full commitment, whatever that requires. Such a lesson.

These are very intense times for me with many long hours for a lot of different reasons, but now with that image of our future home in my mind, it will keep me going for a long, long time.

I wish I could download that experience directly to you all, but you will hopefully feel similar when, very soon, you will get inside your unit....

Sending much appreciation to each and everyone of you -- each of you contributed in unique ways to this amazing creation and very special thanks to my friend Christine. I told her I don't think she can ever top this as an achievement!! Teri


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