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Links: Cohousing News From Around the World

Bloomberg CityLab (requires an email address to view): How Cohousing Is Making Life Easier for Families

Great feature story on a cohousing community formed in Madrid: “It’s like a village,” says Cintia Díaz-Silveira, who moved into the new cooperative housing apartment block at the end of 2020 with her partner and two children, ages three and one. For Díaz-Silveira and her fellow inaugural residents, their new living situation is their answer to the refrain “it takes a village to raise a child.” And they hope it can be a model for others who want to start something similar but don’t know how.

Treehugger: Norwegian Cohousing Project Is Designed Around 'Gaining by Sharing'

Focusing a bit more on the architecture and design of the buildings (which are gorgeous, by the way), with some philosophy from the architects.

The state of cohousing in New Zealand: The long road to a co-housing dream - and no, it's not a hippy commune. And an NZ community eight years in the making comes to fruition: Making a modern village

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