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Links: Cohousing in the News

Soul Sisters: Cohousing in comfort in a unique Vanier home | Ottawa Citizen

A terrific article on four women who pooled their resources to create their own cohousing home, with side-roads into Ottawa's wider cohousing activity.

The Unexpected Satisfaction of Leaving Behind the American Dream - Dwell

The writer's experience of moving from home ownership in Maryland to renting a unit on a multifamily property in California. A good quote: "In choosing to live with density and share more aspects of daily life, we’ve all opted to balance privacy and sociability in the same way. That commonality connects us."

Dealing With Conflicts In Cohousing Groups - Real Estate - UK

"Conflicts are part of life; what are the best ways for cohousing groups to prevent and if necessary, resolve conflict?"

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Links: Cohousing in the News

For some Minnesotans, the new American dream is cohousing - Good Q&A interview with a local leader of cohousing in Minneapolis. Here's a choice quote: Q: But we're dealing with humans


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