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Links: Cohousing News

Two different perspectives on what cohousing can offer:

Where Home Blends With Community - The New York Times -- a NY Times photo essay on four cohousing residences in Belgium and the Netherlands, focusing on multi-cultural, multi-generational dwellings.

Rasheeda Shankle: Making my personal journey universal - From the Winston-Salem (NC) Journal, a fabulous first-person essay on the author's determination to better the living conditions around her to encourage better quality of life for low-income families, particularly single mothers. Quote:

With the help of [Winston-Salem State University's Center for the Study of Economic Mobility], we’ve completed a strategic business plan to create a safe and affordable communal living housing facility, the Salem Cohousing Community, to help at-risk minority youth and their parents achieve economic stability. Our communal living model, which is currently running a fundraising campaign to purchase land, will create a sense of belonging and community and provide the participating women and children the opportunity to overcome poverty alongside other similar families in an environment where there is mutual care and support.

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