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Links: Cohousing in the News

Urban Land Magazine is a publication of the Urban Land Institute, a real-estate developer organization focusing on urban development and communities. This article is a good, deep-dish piece focusing on the partnership between urban developers and cohousing startups, focused on the development, financing, and consumer interest side. Along the way, cohousing and intentional communities are explained, along with mini-profiles of several communities, their advantages, and their shortcomings.

Here's the concluding paragraph:

This shared decision-making model requires developers to collaborate with buyers in ways that may feel unfamiliar. It may not be right for every developer. But even for developers and other land use professionals who may never be part of a cohousing project, cohousing offers both inspiration and a signal: a need and a market demand exist for a much broader range of housing typologies and ways of living than most places supply.

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