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Fall 2021 Scrapbook

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Despite our community's relative youth -- we're about 3-5 years old, depending on how you count these things -- we've already started a holiday tradition or two:

  • Our annual Post-Thanksgiving Day Hike/Potluck. This year, we rented a shelter at Eno River State Park, grilled and shared good food, and chased that with a good long hike in the woods.

  • Jackie shared one of her family's traditions that several of us adopted this year: making a holiday wreath. The goal was to get some wreath frames; gather interesting twigs, branches, berries, etc. from the Eno hike; and then wire them all together later that day at Fullsteam Brewery.

  • Carol singing in Mary's backyard! And then putting her chickens into their coop for the night.

  • Some of us also attended a holiday gathering at Jackie and David's building's common room. Although we're all vaxed and boosted, large indoor gatherings are still rare for us.


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