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Cohousing news links: Jan 30, 2022

Report from the small Canadian city of Oakville, Ontario, on an initiative to create co-housing specifically for women aged 55 and over. The article's subtitle: Repurposing larger single-family homes within established neighborhoods allows women to age in-place and to work or volunteer in their community—isn’t this the type of society and community we want to create?

Another Canadian story, this one from a site called The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. The focus of this piece is on long-term care alternatives, with cohousing as one of the options allowing seniors to age in place. Introduced me to the concept of "dementia villages," which are "communities of care designed to give their residents freedom and choice within a safe and supporting environment." The first one was created in the Netherlands in 2009.

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