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2021 Construction Diary: Hurry Up. Wait. Hurry Up. Wait.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

All through 2021, RESOLUTE Building Company (RBC) worked with their subcontractors and suppliers during the frustrating supply-chain delays that plagued construction sites nation- and worldwide.

Through no one's fault, we saw our original, hoped-for move-in date of late summer pushed back to fall, pushed back to December -- and now, pushed back to January 2022. (Fingers crossed!)

At such moments -- and to mark the start of a new year -- it's good to look back and see how far we've come.

Herewith, an abbreviated summary of all the work RBC did to build our new home at 610 Trent Drive. You can see lots of other "under construction" photos in the Gallery.



  • Completed almost all the stair tower masonry and building framing up to the beginnings of the fourth floor.

See the flyover video of the second-floor framing.


  • Completed 80% of the fifth floor’s framing and starting plumbing and electrical rough-ins.

  • Installed most of the “zip system” exterior sheathing on the building that is the fundamental moisture barrier for the building.


  • Completed the roof sheathing, backfilled all structural soils under the podium, and finished all stair risers and landings.

  • Finished electrical and sprinkler rough-ins on floors 2 through 4. “Rough-ins” are the boxes, ducts, pipes and conduit that will serve the future electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.


  • Completed work on our roof, installed almost all of the windows on the second through fifth floors of the building, and poured the concrete for our lobby area slab and stair treads.

  • Connected the building to city water and sewer, and passed the city’s related inspections (yay!).


  • Completed electrical and HVAC rough-ins on floors 2 through 5.

  • Finished the masonry work for the electrical room and work/storage room at the back of our garage area.

  • Supply-chain issues affect procuring insulation for the ceilings, which pushes the schedule back several weeks. The supply chain will start hitting us more and more in the months to come.


  • Installed most of the tubs and shower pans.

  • Passed sprinkler, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough-in inspections on floors two through five.

  • RBC also found a solution for the ceiling insulation supply issue. Finished the month with about 90% of insulation work done on floors three through five.


  • Installed sheetrock on floors two through five, and finished mudding and sanding all the walls — a significant milestone in our construction schedule.

  • Ran our permanent power line in underground conduit, and installed about 50% of our balcony doors.

  • Poured the “gypcrete” floors on floors three through five; gypcrete is a concrete and gypsum mixture that is the substrate for our finished flooring.


  • Primed all of the interior walls, finished work on balcony doors, installed the storefront windows in our lobby, framed the lobby/ground floor interior walls, placed heat pumps on the roof, laid tile shower and tub surrounds, and finished installing our elevator.

  • RBC’s subcontractors were able to resolve supply shortages on siding and paint, so those two items no longer threatened our schedule.


  • Started painting our exterior walls, poured the new curb in front of our building, continued framing, electrical, and plumbing work in the lobby/lounge area, started installing light fixtures, and painted units and hallways on levels four and five.


  • From The Things You Can't Plan For Dept: Duke Power delivered a transformer to the site, came back and took it away, cited supply chain issues, then came back to deliver and install another one. This set the schedule back a few days.

  • Connected permanent power to the building, which was a major milestone for our schedule. With permanent power in place, RBC immediately started conditioning the building so that they could start work on flooring and finishes.

  • By the end of the month, RBC had set all cabinets, vanities, and countertops in the units, installed most light fixtures, and finished most of the interior painting.

  • Finished framing and insulating the lobby/lounge area, poured most of the concrete sidewalk and entryway area in front of the building, and finished about 85% of the siding on the building.


  • Completed installing most fixtures and finishes in our units, installed door hardware, sheetrocked the lobby/lounge area, and poured the driveway.

  • Installed flooring in units on floors three through five.

  • RBC also began pushing through processes to wrap up work on the building systems, including utilities connections, fire alarm, sprinkler system, and elevator.

  • BUT: the fire pump for our sprinkler system did not arrive on schedule due to a supply-chain issue specifically for the motor that runs the pump.


  • RBC and BCC checked out options for a temporary fire pump until Santa arrived early and delivered an 815-pound, fire-engine-red fire pump in a reaaaaally big stocking. Still, this pushes the schedule back. As a critical system, the delay meant that we would not get the city’s inspection and the Certificate of Occupancy until January, at the earliest.


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