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I started life in Montgomery, Alabama, in November, 1955. Rosa! She "sits, so Martin can stand." Civil rights, bus boycotts, integration.... Then Bangkok, Thailand; Madison, Wisconsin; McLean, Virginia; Camp Springs, Maryland; the Philippines; Colorado Springs, Colorado: I move with my family as the Air Force necessitates.

As an adult I travel to Paris, France; Pocatello, Idaho; and twice back to Colorado, before raising my two daughters while teaching at Selwyn, a private Montessori school in Denton, Texas. There, and while attending Texas Woman’s University, I find a supportive community and fabulous friends, as do my girls. Later on, I work for an amazing year without phone or car teaching in another Montessori school (of course) in Columbia, Missouri.

Now I am a grandmother and hope to live in the extended family of activists working for planetary health through the necessary deep adaptations that big shifts require! I feel very deeply connected to Bull City Commons and especially love all the wonderful people who have been involved! I have learned so many things along this year and a half. Sociocracy, our decision-making model, is like "Montessori for grownups," and it has given me a new respect for group process within the randomly self-selecting community. I firmly believe cohousing is one of the steps we need to learn in order to live together here, for the future we will create now.

"I appreciate Theresa's warm heart and words of appreciation and encouragement."

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