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As one of the newest members of the BCC coho, I might also be one of the most excited about joining. I grew up in Montana and have lived in New York City, Pittsburgh and Florida for well over ten years each. I had been looking for a cohousing situation for several years but finding one in a lively urban location hadn’t been easy. I saw a notice about a BCC introduction meeting in Durham, a city I had never visited, and planned a weekend visit. Long story short: I fell in love with Durham and felt within a half hour of meeting this group that this is where and with whom I want to retire. So, with retirement in sight, I signed up and will be moving to Durham from Miami soon. I am truly looking forward to the rest of my life with great anticipation.

"Sheryl has unbeaten enthusiasm for joining the BCC community and is currently our one-person Florida fan club. We can’t wait until she joins us in Durham!"

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