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I grew up bi-lingually moving back and forth between Germany and the UK during childhood. After high school, I went to medical school and subsequently worked in Germany and the UK as an MD. David and I fell in love while working at Kingston Hospital in Kingston, Surrey. We moved to Hampshire and had two boys, Nick and Doug.

        In 1998 David was offered the opportunity to work at the Duke University Medical Center. We decided that we should go for a year and check it out. That is over 20 years ago now. David still enjoys work at Duke as an anesthesiologist. I never practiced medicine in the US, but stayed at home with the boys. Then I took a welding class that changed my life. The ability to create art using the combination of high voltage and power tools was exhilarating. It felt like a whole new way of looking at creation. Over the years I built sculpture and indoor and outdoor furniture and finally settled on creating wall hangings and “paintings” using copper and brass sheet as my canvas and patinas as paints.

        Recently, we sold our beautiful old Victorian house affectionately known as The Bull Durham House, because it housed Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon) in the movie Bull Durham. It was a wonderful place to raise a family and watch Durham develop into the gritty city it has become.  Now, David and I are ready for our next chapter in our lives and I am very excited about joining Bull City Commons and can’t wait to see what this adventure will bring.

"Jackie’s energy and enthusiasm are simply catching. She is quick at taking on tasks and you know that she will see it through. She is a doer and a mover."

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