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I come from an Air Force family, and we moved around every couple of years while I was growing up.  I came to Durham as a part of the freshman class at Duke in 1968 and decided to stick around.  My journey involved raising a family, getting a law degree at UNC and working thereafter for justice – for disabled textile workers, for poor people who needed free legal services, and for Tribal communities and communities that were battered by environmental injustice. 


I am happily retired and love having the time to play a lot of tennis and to travel (primarily in developing countries).  More recently, I have gotten the genealogy bug and spend quite a bit of time hunting my ancestors in the Netherlands, Germany, and the deep South.    


The idea of living in a setting where there is ample opportunity for growth, for expanding my ways of thinking, and for new friendships is what attracted me to cohousing.  I also love the idea of living more simply, sharing resources, and having a smaller environmental footprint.  It has been challenging and exhilarating to be part of the vibrant Bull City Commons community.

"When I need advice, I like to seek out Candace. She looks at challenges with an analytical and creative mind. After talking things through with her, I feel upbeat and ready to face my challenge with new ideas."

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