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Building Design

Random connections ... by design!

Bull City Commons cohousing is an intentional community of both private homes and shared spaces designed to foster meaningful social connections.

Building Design Header Sold Out.png

1st Floor

The 1st floor is on the street level and has our mailboxes, a shared laundry room, and a common area for activities ranging from quiet lounging to regular social hours.

BD-1st Floor.png

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor has our community kitchen and dining area for shared meals;
a multi-purpose room for smaller meetings, movies, and yoga classes; a porch for socializing together; and 6 private homes, with generous hallways and a storage closet.

BD-2nd Floor.png

3rd Floor

The 3rd floor has 7 private homes, generous hallways, and a storage closet.

3rd Floor (none available).png

4th & 5th Floors

The 4th and 5th floors each have 5 private homes as well as generous hallways and a storage closet.

4th & 5th Floor (non available).png

Our Property

We have a large outdoor common area with numerous native plantings, a grill area, fire pit, and garden shed.

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