Building Design

Random connections ... by design!

Cohousing is an intentional community of both private homes and shared spaces designed to foster meaningful social connections

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1st Floor

The 1st floor is on the street level and will have a common area for activities ranging from quiet lounging to an impromptu music jam, and a shared laundry room to bump into our neighbors

BD-1st Floor.png

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor will have a community kitchen and dining area for shared meals;
a multi-purpose room for smaller meetings and yoga classes; screened porch for socializing together; and 6 private homes

BD-2nd Floor.png

3rd Floor

The 3rd floor will have 7 private homes

BD-3rd Floor Available

4th & 5th Floors

The 4th and 5th floors will have 5 private homes each

BD-4th & 5th Floor Available

Our Property

Outdoor common area for gathering and gardening together


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