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I lived the first half of my life mostly in Illinois, with side treks to Tallahassee and Brooklyn before settling in Durham in 1988. As my parents were from Canada, we visited there often to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. Recently, Mike and I have discovered the many natural delights of Nova Scotia and can't wait to go back.


Though Mike and I have been homeowners in Durham for 25 years, I especially have been seeking a way to return to congregate living and foster a deeper connection with neighbors. I heard about Durham’s new urban cohousing project from our neighborhood listserv, attended a BCC Info Session with Mike, and haven’t looked back. It has been invigorating to spend time and purpose with this smart group of people dedicated to intentional community.


I'm passionate about music, especially group singing, and traveling to places unseen. I was fortunate to turn my interest in music and writing into a master’s degree in liberal studies at NC State University. Currently, I'm a medical writer and editor at Duke Clinical Research Institute. I'm also a founding member of the local a cappella group Stella, and love sock-knitting, visiting small towns, the PBS NewsHour, and all things Canadian.

"I love Liz's cheerful voice. It always makes me happy and upbeat to listen to her optimistic outlook."

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