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After my son, Kevyn’s graduation from high school in the DC area and a 20+ year career in Information Technology in the Federal government and with several non-profits, I moved to Durham where I have family and had visited many times. I was ready for a simpler life - then, I decided to go to Nursing School with a calling to a Holistic and Hospice nursing. I’ve followed that path over the years with great satisfaction. Over the past few years I’ve been doing medical advocacy for several clients one-on-one but miss interactions with colleagues; so, I hope to find a good place to land with my nursing soon where I can best use my gifts, talents and expertise. 

I’m very happy to be joining Bull City Commons Cohousing Community - I’ve been interested in cohousing for many years and this has come at an opportune time in my life. The first Plenary meeting saw me sitting in awe of the community commitment to the vision and values of BCC as well as the deep connection and respect shown each other. Sociocracy is such a fantastic model for building community!!

"Jean cares deeply about the well-being of our community members, and it
shows in all of her interactions.  She is kind, compassionate, respectful of
differences and a great listener.  That makes her a wonderful person to lead
our Community Well-Being Circle, and she will be a fabulous neighbor when we
move into our building. I am so glad she is apart of our tribe!"

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