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I grew up in the suburbs of NYC, went to college there, and graduated with a degree in Political Science.

I moved to Raleigh, NC in 1992 initially staying with friends and eventually found a place to live and started on the path to my IT career.

As for interests, I enjoy reading mostly nonfiction and anything to do with international relations and politics. The current book on my pile is Ghosts of Langley by John Prados. I do enjoy fiction as well and I am working my way through the books of James S.A Corey. I just finished The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, which a good friend loaned me about 20 years ago.

Other interests include being a lifelong music buff and record collector. My interests range from classic rock to the darker depths of progressive and metal, though I have been recently getting into some classic jazz. I have about 3000 records currently and a small group of good friends who enjoy talking, listening, obsessing over and consuming music along with some single malt or good beer.

I enjoy the outdoors and being outside walking with friends while having a good conversation.

"I’ve loved working with Hans on designing security and IT systems for the building. He reminds me of the kinds of guys I grew up with in my techy town - smart, funny, easy-going, and always ready to talk about his record collection. Being around Hans makes me feel at home."

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