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I grew up in New Orleans, La. At UNO, I completed a BA in Philosophy and Mathematics and later added a BS in Computer Science. I worked at the LSU Eye Center for several years, then moved to the Boston area for two years, where I contracted in software development. I've lived in the Durham area since 1990, and worked at Duke for over 26 years, first at the Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development (Medical Center), then at the Computer Science Department (University).

I listen to NPR, read the Indy Week, and spend way too much time on my smartphone; volunteer at Carolina Theatre, Full Frame, NCGLFF; like to garden, cook, brew beer; try to support local farms, businesses, and breweries; have served on the board of my neighborhood association for many years.

I've been interested in cohousing for many years, and have finally taken the leap!

"Dan has the spot-on-eye for research on whatever fun is going on around town at any give time! This astounds and delights me! Thank you for your kindness in always delivering this for our cohousing community so thoroughly and sweetly!"

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