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Archived Event: Recordings & Resources Below 

America’s 21st Century Housing:

How Cohousing Can Help Fill the Unique Needs of Families, Seniors, LGBTQ and Single Households



Becky Laskody, Arcadia Cohousing

Karolyn Mangeot, Elderberry Cohousing

Nancy Kelly, Village Hearth Cohousing

Amy Vincus, Durham Central Park Cohousing

along with our host, Teri Beckman of Bull City Commons Cohousing

Recorded: February 27, 2021

Join us for a lively facilitated panel discussion on Zoom with residents from diverse cohousing communities.  Learn how cohousing is meeting individuals’ unique needs for safety, community, emotional, social, and physical well-being while supporting environmental sustainability.


This is an opportunity to discover what it is like to live in unique intentional communities and how this intentionality is changing lives and the world for the better.

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