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Brigitte was born in Germany and has traveled extensively over her lifetime, living in India, Cambodia, Italy, and Switzerland. She describes herself as a World Citizen. She arrived in the USA with her husband in 1980 and has lived in CT, NJ, NC, GA & FL. Along the way, she gained a master’s degree in theology and pursued her strong belief in providing a quality education for her three daughters through home schooling, Waldorf Education, and educational placements abroad. For 30 years, she was also very involved with the student exchange program Youth for Understanding.

Brigitte has been following the cohousing movement since its inception and introduced the idea to Jack. She has thought of it as “the lifestyle of the future” and was waiting for the right time and place to investigate it further.  She and Jack are excited to prepare for an urban lifestyle with BCC and to share their gifts and talents with community members. They also look forward to having access to all the services, activities, and events Durham and Duke have to offer.

"I am grateful for Brigitte's ability to get me laughing for no reason. She is fierce and not afraid to tackle new tasks."

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