Questionnaire for

Prospective Members

If you are interested in Bull City Commons, please download the Questionnaire (PDF file to the right), or copy/paste from below, and return the completed form to

Bull City Commons Membership Questionnaire

Name of preferred contact within your household:                                 Date of submission:


_____________________________________________                  ________________


Current address, city, state, zip:




Preferred contact phone #: ________________________________________________


Preferred contact email address: ____________________________________________


Other members of your household:





Please share about yourself and your current situation.




How did you become interested in community living and cohousing?




Have you lived in a community setting before? If so, please describe.

Active participation in community activities and work are very important both for community vitality and your integration into the community. Members of BCC cohousing participate in monthly plenary business meetings as well as smaller operational committees. In what ways can you imagine yourself participating?

We make decisions using an intentional process called sociocracy which relies on consent (similar to consensus). Will you be comfortable participating in such a decision-making process?

Our 23 units fall into these 7 sizes: 500, 690, 1000, 1030, 1220, 1295, and 1395 square feet. What unit size or range do you anticipate you will need?

As currently planned each unit will come with one on-site parking space. If you do not need a parking space, your purchase price will be significantly decreased to reflect that. Would you be interested in a unit without an associated parking space? (Please note that this option may no longer be available.)



Does anyone in your house have special needs to accommodate?



We are a pet-friendly community. Please describe any non-human companions you would be bringing to Bull City Commons.



We are always interested in knowing how people found us. How did you learn about Bull City Commons Cohousing Community?

Please check all that apply:

___  BCC flyer
___  Carolina Times ad

___  Cohousing Association website - directory

___  Cohousing Association website - classified ad

___  Duke Chronicle ad
___  IndyWeek ad

___  IndyWeek Back Page ad
___  Indy Finder ad

___  neighborhood listserv:  ___________________________________
___  table at a community event:  _______________________________
___  word of mouth
___  other (please describe): 




Please return to any cohousing member in person, or email to:

We have sold 21 of 23 units!

We encourage interested candidates to attend an information session to learn more about us and how to join.  You can also sign up on our Mailing List or join our Wait List.

For questions/info, email:

Cohousing = Private Condos + Shared Space + Community