Project Details

Bull City Commons Cohousing is currently working to sell its last units; please see our Unit Pricing page for current availability. Beyond that, it's possible that between now and the time when construction is complete (around summer 2021), members could withdraw, and their units open up. So, please check with us if you want to be absolutely sure about current availability! We do have a Wait List that can be used if you're wanting a unit size or location that is not currently available. 
These pages (below) include some documents and images that can give you a better picture of our cohousing condominium's design, timeline, and pricing:
We are working with Weinstein Friedlein Architects for design and building expertise, and the project is being managed by Christine Westfall of Affordable Durham, LLC. This is the same team that built Durham Central Park Coho. Our general contractor is RESOLUTE Building Company, who are dedicated to sustainable building practices.
Please contact us for additional details, and let us know if you have any questions!

We have sold 21 of 23 units!

We encourage interested candidates to attend an information session to learn more about us and how to join.  You can also sign up on our Mailing List or join our Wait List.

For questions/info, email:

Cohousing = Private Condos + Shared Space + Community