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Scrapbook - Winter 2022-23

Deborah led a felting workshop in the lobby last November. Deborah uses the method to make crafts such as bags and coasters, and several folks took advantage of the workshop to make some colorful holiday-themed gifts and keepsakes. (Click a thumbnail to expand.)

We have a monthly community meal, where a few members join forces to prepare a meal for everyone (drop a few drachmas in the basket when you come in to help pay for the food). We have enjoyed a chili cook-off, jambalaya for Mardi Gras, and most recently tasty and comforting quiches and salad. With Girl Scout cookies as a chaser.

Our garden shed's usefulness was further extended by adding a lean-to over a brick patio. A potting table will be added so we can make all the messes we are capable of without tracking them into the shed.

Nighthawks at their knitting: Maria started a Sunday night creativity circle that has attracted the community's knitters to the lobby to enjoy both relaxed conversation and dedicated focus on their latest projects. (Click a thumbnail to expand.)

Ruby checks out what's happening in the garden.

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