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Putting Up a Drop Box

Just because the building is now ours doesn't mean the work is done!

Case in point: Our US Postal Service mail carriers can access our lobby so they can deliver our mail. But FedEx, Amazon, and UPS don't have that access. So, figuring out a safe and secure way to help them deliver our boxes and packages has been a challenge.

Our solution was to buy and install a drop box that sits at the side of the building, off the driveway.

The BCC community excels in having just the right people with just the right skills to help us with odd little jobs like this. Samuel engineered a solution. Jackie, a metalwork artist, crafted a metal frame (top) based on Samuel's cardboard template.

Jackie and Samuel, cheered on by the ever-lovin' Reed (bottom), poured the concrete over the framework. The framework improves the concrete's strength and will prevent the pad from cracking and breaking.

After the pad dried, Samuel brought out the big tools to drill and bolt the drop box to the pad.

If all goes according to plan (we shall see!), the carriers simply open the top door and drop in a package; a divider panel holds the package in place while preventing access to the rest of the box. Close the door, and the package slides down the panel to the bottom of the box.

The last step: residents unlock the bottom of the drop box to get the goodies they ordered.


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