Brigitte and I grew up in different cultures and parts of the world. We found each other in the Triangle through online dating. Among the similarities we discovered are our strong family connections and that we are both divorced, both well-traveled, and have both experienced many twists and turns in our lives.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. At the age of 22, I was in a serious auto accident that left me with residual health challenges. But that didn’t stop me from pursuing my college education and moving forward with an active life, including an undergraduate degree in sociology from SUNY Buffalo and a master’s in counseling from Canisius College. I worked in the counseling field and later became interested in buying, rehabbing, and selling houses. I have enjoyed traveling throughout my life including all 48 contiguous US states. I also believe in and follow a healthy lifestyle that includes high-quality, organic foods and exercise.

I'd describe myself as a good listener, empathetic, and one who enjoys problem solving. Brigitte describes me as a diamond in the rough: honest, sincere, and compassionate. Brigitte introduced the idea of cohousing to me. She has thought of it as “the lifestyle of the future” and was waiting for the right time and place to investigate it further. We have combined households, and will continue to downsize and simplify.

We are excited to prepare for an urban lifestyle with BCC and to share our gifts and talents with community members. We also look forward to having access to all the services, activities, and events Durham and Duke have to offer.

"When Jack smiles, he looks like he is up to something and it makes me smile too!"