Joining BCC

Bull City Commons is currently an LLC, which for historical reasons is named Intown Neighborhood Place (INP). Members of BCC actually, legally are members of this LLC. When construction is complete, and as each member formally purchases their condominium unit, and members move into their units, INP LLC  will eventually dissolve, and will be replaced by a non-profit condominium HOA and associated legal covenants.


In order to join BCC, a prospective member must complete these steps below. Please note that step 4 is only necessary for joining the Wait List (see below), and steps 5-7 are only necessary when a unit is available and the applicant is ready to proceed with purchase.

  1. Attend an Information Session.

  2. Complete a Questionnaire.

  3. Attend a Plenary Circle meeting (that is, a monthly business meeting).

  4. Submit a Preliminary Financial Disclosure form (to be added to the Wait List, if no suitable unit is currently available).

  5. Complete an in-person, formal financial review (when a unit is available).

  6. Review and sign the LLC agreement.

  7. Submit an initial equity investment payment.

Please note that the first three steps above provide a way for the applicant to get to know BCC, as well as vice-versa, and must be completed by each adult household member. This is a big decision, and we want everyone to know what they're getting into!

The LLC agreement is approximately 40 pages long. We recommend that a prospective member review this document with their attorney before signing.

Wait List

Please inquire about available units. If you would like to be on our Wait List, please complete the first four requirements above, and then request to be added to the list. A unit could become available at any time if a member were to withdraw from the LLC (as stipulated in the LLC agreement).

When a unit becomes available, current LLC members have the first option to select that unit. After that, Wait List applicants will be contacted in the order in which they were added to the list. The applicant will have a limited number of days to respond, and then complete the final three requirements, beyond which we would move on to the next applicant in the list.

Please contact us with any questions about joining BCC or being added to our Wait List!

Responsibilities of Members

All members of BCC are expected to be active participants in our cohousing community. This includes participation in the formation and planning stages leading up to and including construction of our condominium building, and participation in the move-in and day-to-day, long-term running and functioning of our building and community. Each adult member is expected to attend our monthly business meetings. A policy outlining these requirements is currently being written. Please see our page on Governance for information about participation in our circles (committees).


We will have eighteen indoor parking spaces and three outdoor parking spaces. The final three units sold will each initially come with an outdoor parking space. Two units by choice are without a parking space (but with a discount), and these are currently spoken for. Over time, as members come and go, parking assignments will shift based on seniority. Please see our Parking Policy.


We have sold 21 of 23 units!

We encourage interested candidates to attend an information session to learn more about us and how to join.  You can also sign up on our Mailing List or join our Wait List.

For questions/info, email:

Cohousing = Private Condos + Shared Space + Community